Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Over due update...or should say announcement. At this time we must announce a cancellation of the 2013 event and any possible "make up" event.

Current focus is to use energy and resources for 2014 regular event. We are still reviewing potential facility hosts, but have ruled out San Diego Naval facilities. Had a conversation with the combined Public Affairs Office in San Diego and they do not currently allow overnight stays on base for other than ROTC units. We are st...ill considering use of a “back door” contact in San Diego that will be utilized shortly. Still working on USMC Pendelton and other options.

There have been conversations about taking advantage of the opportunity and moving the event date, perhaps to Labor Day. That is an extreme option due to the time necessary to set up the equipment. Thanksgiving being a 4 day weekend allows our team an extra day, without having to take additional personal time off from work.

There is also the possibility of returning to Hueneme, so long as the housing issues can be worked out. The passage of a Federal budget has not caused the removal of the sequestration, but has resulted in a lessening of its effect. We are checking to see what that means for us.

That’s it for now…more as we know it. Always open to suggestions.